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In Diamond Ball III the player controls a colored ball that bounces up and down, and the player can only move it sideways. The gameplay is very similar to the Commodore 64 game Crillion.

Move the ball around a maze that contains colored blocks that disappear when the ball touches them. The ball can only remove blocks of the same color, and it can change color when touching certain special blocks. Hazards come in the form of death blocks, barriers and barrier switches.

When the levels is cleared, the diamonds are unlocked and the played needs to remove them as well to go to the next level.

Diamond Ball is a rather simple game so I'll keep the review short and to the point. You play a ball that, surprisingly enough, bounces up and down. You are only able to move it sideways inside a maze that consists of coloured bricks which disappear when the ball (of the same colour) hits them.

To change the balls' colour, you can hit special bricks. Once a maze is cleared, a number of diamonds are released which you need to collect in order to proceed to the next level. To make the game more difficult, the makers also scattered some deadly bricks around and arranged the actual mazes in different weird and hard to figure out ways.

A manual is included (just press the up-arrow), as well as the level editor in case the 50 standard levels are not enough for you!

A nice game where you have to think a lot.

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