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Elements is a puzzle game where you use the arrow keys to guide a small green ball (called "Element") through mazes without running out of energy. You lose energy by moving in any direction. Energy is displayed as an orange stripe along the bottom of the screen alongside your score, keys and the number of shards you have collected.

You start with three lives (displayed on the bottom right corner). If you run out of energy or fall into holes, you lose a life and return to the first maze in the current level. There is a square marked X at the end of each level that gives you a password that will allow you to start at the next level the next time you play.

Elements is an extremely challenging brainteaser that will steal much of your free time. It has levels that get increasingly more difficult. Every level is made up of different boards you need to get through in order to reach the X. Once you clear a level you will get a password, so you won't need to start over from square one when you return to the game.

You are a little green dot that needs to get through the mazes and every move you make costs you energy. There are many batteries on the way to charge you up, but you should consider carefully which to collect.

Inside the maze there are different squares. The arrows will move you further in the given direction without the cost of energy, but you can't cross them in the opposite way (so it's easy to run into a dead end). The black holes will swallow you and you'll die (plain and simple). The silver pills increase your score, but in order to get them, you'll have to sacrifice precious energy (unless they're on your path).

The most important things however are the KEYS. Without keys you can't unlock certain barriers. The main trick is to get the key, get to the lock and to the next screen (again, you will not be able to collect all the keys). Remember, each key will fit only into a lock of the same color (obviously).

The game is really unique in a sense that you'll have to leave many things behind, because otherwise you will run out of energy before reaching your destination. Plan your step carefully because you'll need to carry some energy over to the next screen as well.

After so many puzzle and maze games I was pleasantly surprised at a fresh concept of Elements and of it's challenging nature. I must say, I simply loved the game. I strongly recommend you to try it.

Elements is without a doubt one of the best and trickiest puzzle games I've played. The game unfortunately didn't sell well despite rave reviews from every major magazine (CGW's Johnny Wilson called it a great game for "puzzle connoisseurs"). The object of each level is to guide your Element to the exit without running out of energy. You must plan *each* step carefully to reach that battery, key, or other objects you need to get through the maze in the shortest route possible. I highly recommend this game for puzzle lovers, and puzzle experts in particular.

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