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Drops of Light is an excellent puzzle game that plays like a blend of classic 15-peg puzzle game, some inspirations from Chinese checkers, and a twist of color physics. The goal: rearrange the photons in the grid to match the Goal grid before running out of energy. Although this sounds simple, it is quite tough to accomplish (think Rubik's Cube here). When you move one photon on top of another, they will blend into a compound photon in accordance with the laws of physics (e.g. red + green = yellow, and green + blue = cyan). Moving a photon costs one energy, so you must plan your moves very carefully to stay below the energy quota.

The game features original artwork (a blend of 3D rendering and simple 2D effects) and music (variations on a fugue) that sound very nice. The game, as it claims to be, is a "pure" puzzle -- unlike most puzzle games today, nothing is left to chance and there are no time limits. If you are desparate, you can download the full list of passwords to all levels from the game's official site. New to version 2.0 is a fully-functional level editor, which allows you to make your own levels, as well as trade levels with friends or download expansion levels from the Internet. Definitely a nice freeware puzzler that deserves a look by all puzzle fans, especially anyone who is tired of Tetris and other reflex-intensive puzzle games.


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