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Expert School of Knowledge is a trivia game for up to four players. There are three levels of play; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner gives one point per answer with thirty seconds on the clock. Intermediate gives two points and twenty seconds. Advanced rewards three points per correct answer but only allows ten seconds per answer. There are ten questions per category and the categories are; literature, music & arts, history, grab bag, entertainment & sports, science & computers, nature, mathematics, geography, and vocabulary. Randomly the game will ask you a bonus question which rewards a doubled point. After all the categories are finished the game will give you a final score, a grade average and, if deserving, an honorary diploma which you can print.

Expert Common Knowledge is a fun trivia game designed by Rosemary West, best known as one of the world's most popular psychics. Basically a text-only trivia game not unlike Trivia Pursuit, this quiz program tests your knowledge in 10 categories ranging from history to sports. You can play with up to 4 other people on the same computer. Although the subjects are nicely varied, the questions are not all that interesting or challenging. This means the game would probably disappoint trivia buffs, although anyone who found trivia games too difficult will likely find this one a more accessible challenge. Worth a look. This also deserves mention as being one of the very first games published by Expert Software, one of the world's most prolific publishers of budget titles.

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