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In a sense, Fiddle is like a jigsaw puzzle: the player is presented with a series of abstract shapes on a grid and the challenge is to move and rotate them all (without resulting in invalid positions, such as overlapping pieces) into such an arrangement that they ultimately form a complete, filled square. This is relatively trivial on the first tutorial level, but the difficulty escalates through 26 levels, one for every letter of the alphabet. The fewer moves used in the solution of a level, the higher the final score, hence the author encourages a strategic approach of contemplation over a trial-and-error system.

Fiddle is an excellent variant of Tangram, coded by the same designer who designed Cyberbox, a very clever freeware brainteaser. In Fiddle, each level is a collection of pieces which you must slide and rotate to make a square. All of the pieces provided with each level go into exactly completing the square; there are never any extra pieces or unit squares.

Although it sounds simple, the game is harder than it looks, because you can only rotate or slide a piece if there is room for the destination piece. A piece cannot slide through walls or other pieces, and it cannot be rotated if its new image would take up a square that is already occupied. Since bonus points are awarded for solving the level quickly, good visualization and planning skills are necessary to get high scores in the game. Fiddle comes with 26 levels (each representing one English alphabet), with increasing level of difficulty. Overall, a neat little brainteaser that will satisfy both casual and die-hard puzzle fans. Recommended!

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