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In this domino game, two players are each given a hand of five square tiles with numbers on each side. The players take turns placing these tiles onto a seven-by-nine grid, but tiles can only be placed next to one another if their touching sides have the same numeric value. Fortunately, tiles can be rotated to find the best possible fit. Every time a tile is put down, the player that placed it scores a number of points equal to the number of sides touching tiles already on the board multiplied by the values of those sides. Certain areas of the board are marked as BONUS or MINUS squares -- placing a tile on one of these causes a player to immediately gain or lose twenty points. The game supports player vs. player, player vs. computer and computer vs. computer play, and it also has three difficulty levels. Higher difficulty levels feature a greater variety of tiles for players to cope with. In-game hints are available if needed.

Fourside is a neat little ASCII-based Dominoes variant, released as one of the games on an issue of SoftDisk's "Big Blue Disk" monthly disk magazine. The game plays like Dominoes, except that the Dominoes tiles are 4-sided, making it much more difficult to match the sides. Fortunately, the game includes multiple difficulty levels: on the easiest levels, you need to match only numbers from 1 to 3. On harder levels, the full integer spectrum from 1-9 is used. If you enjoy a neat little brainteaser with no reflex requirements or time constraints, check out this quaint and interesting puzzle variant of a common board game.

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