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In a departure from the usual RPG worlds for which it's best known, Sir-Tech Software offers Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs, an arcade-style action/puzzle game requiring planning and strategy. Players must create a path through a maze-like display containing blocks (floors and walls) and open spaces that shift and disappear, while searching for keys to unlock each new level and avoiding traps and enemies. The strategy element involves careful path selection, as each open area in the grid-like maze can only be used twice before it becomes blocked. Up to ten players can compete against one another, or players can go solo and try to outsmart the computer AI.

Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs is a little puzzle game where you step into square worlds defending your Fuzzball from the enemy while trying to get all the keys or cards to enter the next level. In each level (of a total of 15 in five different worlds) you can get different items and goodies which will help you to accomplish your goal...

In a strange but fortuitous departure from its stable of RPG classics, Sir-Tech released this enjoyable puzzle game that's best described as Diggers meets Pacman: your job in each level is to clear path to discover keys that will unlock doors to the next level while avoiding evil fuzzballs and traps. The clever twist is that the path you cross can only be traversed *twice*, after which it disappears. Hence, planning your patch is crucial to success, especially on later levels of the game. Overall, a fun little game that won't tax your brain cells.

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