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You're playing a small ant that is willing to help a friend in rather inconvenient situation. Apparently, your friend, doggie, likes to eat cookies that has his picture on their box, and he got himself so carried away that he lost the balance, and a bag of cookies fell deep down into an ant-hill. Now, you're goin' in, in a mission of solving puzzles, and retrieving the cookies for your friend.

Now, this ant-hill is a bit different from the ones you saw, and especially from the one you live in. It's path is filled up with boulders, and all the gates, and you must travel the quest to find the cookies. After each different place inside, you'll fins a small bag of cookie, and bring it back to your friend doggie.

The main quest consists of you carrying your-size boulders, and placing them in a well imagined line, so when you push the exact one, all must fall, and the one that marks the end must fall the last, or the door will stay shut permanently. Beside we know that ants are very easy, and can live almost every fall, you cannot practice that, so if you jusp from a little bit too high position, don't expect much, but to retry the level.

Every block, or boulder in a game has a different markings. Like for example, the yellow ones are bricks you can push, and they will just as easily fall, and push, or not, the brick in front of it. The red ones will do the opposite, you cannot push them, and if the yellow, or any other brick hits it, it'll continue falling back to the other side. Some bricks explode when you push them, or other brick hits them, and that way they leave the hole, so your brick can continue spining, or yet again, not. Some spin without stop, 'til they hit some other brick that can fall, some replaces the spaces, like building a bridge on that place, some go high and when hit the top, they stick to it, and push, or not, the brick in front of them. Anyway, that's the game basics.

Each level gives you the new code/password, so you can continue from the position where you ended each time you type that code. Perspective of your ant is like in any other platform game, and you control it with arrow keys, or joystick. But beware, the time is clicking, so you'll have to solve each level in a hurry.

Pushover is a very cute and smart little game. You're an ant, and your mission is to save Colin Curly's Quavers (snack). Colin Curly is a dog by the way :) You will accomplish this task by rearranging yellow blocks so that when you push the last one, all of them fall down in a dominoe effect. First few levels will be somewhat simple, but don't be fooled! Once you complete the "tutorial" levels where you learn what different type of special blocks do, things will get pretty complicated. Just if that wasn't enough, all the levels are timed so you won't be able to sit and think as if you're playing a chess game. You'll have to act quick and come to a solution while rearranging the blocks. But don't get frustrated if you don't solve all the levels the first time you see them. In the later phase of the game you'll end up playing a single level up to 10, 20, 30, or who knows how many times. It's a very challenging, and yet entertaining game. After each level, you will be provided with a code, so you won't have to start the game from the beginning every time. Controls are pretty easy to master - you can move around the level using the arrow keys, pick up blocks with space, and to push a block press space + the direction in which you wish to push it. The graphics are simple and functional, and this is no problem as nothing more is required by this genre. There are three sound modes - PC speaker, Sound Blaster and Adlib so you will probably find one that suits your needs. In conclusion, a great idea that has been flawlessly turned into a fun game!

Very original puzzle game. Place domino bricks tactically in order to topple over the last one. Some levels require you to run around while the bricks are falling to get it right. Nice music and graphics!

Pushover and One Step Beyond are two quirky little gems from British publisher Ocean, who take the concept of traditional parlor games and turn them into addictive puzzle games that are reminiscent of Lemmings in style, but with truly original concepts. Pushover is essentially "dominoes" with lots of variations (e.g. "special" dominoes that explode, split in the middle with hit, etc.) to the theme. In the sequel, One Step Beyond, the concept is twisted around: now you must jump on different kinds of *platforms* to reach the exit. The result are two very addicting games with enough levels to keep the most die-hard puzzlemeisters occupied for hours.

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