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LMarbles is a very nice puzzle game inspired by Thalion's classic Atomix. Your goal is to move different colored marbles to replicate the arrangement given to the right of the screen. It is not as easy as it sounds, however, because once you push a marble, it will not stop moving until it hits a wall or other obstacle. There is no way to "pull" a marble back from a dead end, so you must plan your moves carefully. In the first few levels, the only obstacles in your path are walls, but they will soon be joined by a number of devious devices on higher levels. These include one-way arrows, teleport tiles, and many more. As if that isn't enough, you must also finish each level within the a certain number of moves. On the upside, you will gain bonus points for each move you use below the maximum.

LMarbles brings new life to the classic with excellent SVGA graphics, a very smooth interface, and over 30 levels of mind-twisting mayhem. You can also design and play your own levels if you find the challenge too easy. The lack of time constraints also makes this game ideal for puzzle lovers who prefer abstract brainteasers over Tetris. Whether or not you have played Thalion's Atomix, you will have a lot of fun with LMarbles if you are a fan of abtract puzzles like me.


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