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Logical is a bizarre puzzle game in which you have to arrange colored balls (green, purple, blue or yellow) to form quartets in any of several locations on the game board. These locations are, in fact, balls you can spin, then send any of the balls in them through the connection path (have a look at the screenshots).

In this fun puzzler that's simple in concept but hard to master, the goal in Logical is to arrange the order of the colored balls to match the required pattern on the left of the screen (e.g. 4 yellow in a row) by rotating the two rails. Both puzzy savvy and reflexes are needed as the top rail quickly fills with colored balls which come faster with each new level. It's a lot of fun, and will provide many hours of intensive brain and reflex exercise.

A nice little Puzzle-Game that really tickles your brain. The objective is simple - you have little shiny balls that you have to arrange in sets of four of the same color. Once you've done that they disappear and you get your score. Do that in all of those turnable discs and you advance on to the next level. That sounds easy, but those levels get harder and harder, you'll see that you need a good strategy to solve that - don't expect to keep cool, the thing can (and will) get fast!

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