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Head Over Heels is an amazing PC remake of out of the best Spectrum ZX games - indeed for all systems - ever made. Set in a pseudo-3D environment, Head over Heels is a unique game that offers an intriguing blend of puzzle and action genre, with a strong emphasis on the former. The wacky plot goes as follows: you control Head and Heels, two top spies sent from the planet Freedom to stop Blacktooth, an evil tyrant who has enslaved four planets and is poised to expand his control further. Each of the duo has unique abilities, and they must work in concert to succeed. Head can jump and stun enemies with his doughnut-gun, while Heels is the faster runner and the only one who can carry objects. Best of all, you can combine both heroes together into a new character, with the abilities of both.

One of the best things about HoH is the wonderful sense of humor. For example, there's the Reincarnation Fish that can create a clone of Head and Heels when either of them dies -- one of the most inventive save game features ever. Then there's the Hush Puppies, who sleep for their entire lives and can be used as building bricks. The enemies are no less weird. You will deal with jellybeans, fruit machines, daleks, and even Prince Charles!

But a sense of humor alone cannot turn a game into instant classic, and fortunately HoH shines in the gameplay department as well. There are even two major goals that affect how you play the game: you can choose whether you want to liberate the planets, or just escape to your home planet. Like all good puzzle/action hybrids, there are multiple solutions to most puzzles - realizing later that there's a shortcut after you have taken the long way to solve a puzzle is one of the things that make HoH so memorable.

This PC remakes recreates 300 puzzle-packed rooms of the original in the most authentic way - and even makes them look ten times better in vibrant SVGA resolution. While puzzle fans may be frustrated at first by the time-sensitive nature of the game that requires good reflexes in some levels, the ingenuity of room layouts and puzzles far outweigh this weakness. If you love 3D puzzle games or just creative action/puzzle hybrids in general, Head over Heels is a must-play that will occupies you for months on end.

Far, far away from our star Sol lies the Blacktooth empire, an evil empire, four worlds enslaved by the planet Blacktooth. All of the slave worlds bubble with unrest, but due to the oppressive nature of their rulers they never reach boiling point, they all lack a leader to draw the masses op population together.

Blacktooth itself is not any better, a world rigidly controlled by its dynamic leaders for so long that the populace do not even think about revolution. The peoples of the neighbouring stars are getting very worried about signs of military expansion from Blacktooth and have sent a spy from the planet Freedom to see if he can push the slave planets into full rebellion by finding the crowns lost when Blacktooth took over. The creatures of Freedom are very strange in that they are formed from a pair of symbolic animals that have adapted to operate either independantly or, to their mutual advantage, join together as one - Head saddled on Heels, and indeed these ARE their names and both are highly trained spies.

So begins the story of Head & Heels, two of the most popular and successful atari characters ever made. ALL who have tried this game just once has been hooked for life. And finally.... now is the time to play the game once again. RetroSpec and Ocean have joined forces and they have made a windows remake of the game to pinpoint accuracy AND with better graphic!

What more could you ask for? If you have never tried this game before, let me just say that it is one of the most original Puzzle games ever created throughout the entire gaming era, and over ALL the gaming consoles! Head over Heels is one of the most unique and challenging games you will ever find.

The manual included in the file will tell you all you need to know about the game. I know you are going to love this jewel!


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