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The goal of this another Tetris-clone is to clear as many lines as possible, and do not allow blocks stack up to the top.

New feature is a 'NOT' activated by player during the game. When four lines are cleared simultaneously the player receives a 'NOT'. For each 'NOT', a notch is cut out of the border on each side, starting from the bottom.

There are 9 levels of difficulty accompanied by different background pictures.

Notrus is an excellent Tetris clone from a duo of programmers. Aside from sporting some of the best graphics I have seen in a Tetris game, Notrus adds one twist to the formula that adds a whole new layer of gameplay: the "NOT" bonus item that deletes one whole row. You get one NOT for making 4 rows disappear at once, and they can be activated by pressing the ENTER key. A nice touch is that if you are about to die (i.e. the blocks filling up the screen completely), these items will be automatically activated (if you have some left) to save you. When all is said and done, Notrus is not a particularly inventive game, but adds just enough new features to keep Tetris fans happy without destroying the classic feel and gameplay. This is a shareware version, which is identical to the registered version except for the 'nag screen' at the end. If you love Tetris, check out this excellent clone. Highly recommended!

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