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Pango is a clone of the arcade game Pengo. The player controls Pango, a penguin like character, in a maze made of ice blocks which can be moved around or destroyed. Also in the maze are bees which chase the player and will cause a life to be lost if caught. The goal is to clear all of the bees from the playfield in one minute by either squashing them with ice blocks or shocking them by pushing the walls at the edges of the screen. When a level begins, not all of the bees will be on the screen; some will be in egg form hidden in the ice blocks. Whenever a bee is destroyed, one of the eggs will hatch into a new bee. The player can prevent eggs from hatching by destroying the ice blocks containing them. In addition to the normal ice blocks and those containing eggs, there are also three diamond blocks. These cannot be destroyed, however if all three of them are lined up then bonus points are earned. Lining up the diamond blocks in the middle of the playfield will earn more points than lining them up against the wall.

Pango is an excellent freeware PC conversion of Pengo, SEGA's coin-op classic first released in 1982. Pango is the name of your alter ego in the game: a red penguin who must rid the screen of sno-bees by crushing them with ice blocks. To do this, you must maneuver Pengo into a position where a single ice block stands between him and a sno-bee, and then push the ice block into the sno-bee. The ice block will slide across the screen, pushing the sno-bee ahead of it, until colliding with another ice block of the wall. You can also electrocute sno-bees by trapping them along the wall. Bonus points are awarded for finishing a level quickly, and you can also earn points for combos, such as aligning 3 diamond blocks in a row within the playfield or along the wall.

Pango has the same charming quality as the arcade original: an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master game that requires both reflexes and some strategic thinking to do well. If you like Pac-Man or similar classics, Pango is simply a must-have. Highly recommended!

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