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The star of the game is Colin Curly, a dog, who loves Quavers (snack). It was a stormy night and Colin was playing his favorite game Pushover. Accidentally, Colin has been digitized and curlified into his computer at the moment he completed the final level of the game. Colin has been trapped inside his own computer and an amazing array of challenges are standing between him and the escape from this electronic nightmare.

You have to move Colin Curly from the ENTRY packet to the EXIT packet by jumping from one platform to the next. Colin can only escape from a level if ALL the platforms have shut before he reaches the exit.

As Colin steps off a platform, it will slide shut behind him, never to open again unless it has special properties. So, it is important to work out the correct route to follow in order to close all the platforms before Colin reaches the EXIT while still being able to move around the level.

Colin was having the time of his life: playing Pushover and eating Quavers. But something strange happened. He was sucked into his own computer. Still that doesn't trouble him much, as long as there are more Quavers.

This great logical-platform game is the sequel to the famous Pushover. The concept was changed: you play Colin who is jumping around on various platforms. More precisely: Colin starts at Quavers package platform and must come to another Quavers package platform. Platforms are stretching out of various blocks. After jumping from a platform, it is pulled inside the block. Colin must reach the last platform (stretching out of Quavers block) after he "checked" all other platforms.

As you can guess, this won't be quite so easy, but will surely provide a lot of fun. After every 10 levels you get to another Quaver zone. In the beginning the levels are easy and are getting you into the game. Various blocks will appear acting differently. Simple example: you must jump in numeric order onto the platforms with numbers. After finishing some levels you may gain a token. If you loose a life, tokens will allow you to continue from the last platform you were standing on (which is not necessary a good idea). Otherwise, you'll need to restart the level.

You have unlimited lives so you don't need to worry about that. Instead of a save option, every level has a code. Levels are slowly becoming more complex and the correct path is harder to find. Naturally, you don't have all the time in the world, but only the time programmers left you for the current level. As you can see, all those "the platform games most wanted" things are here to make this one interesting, challenging and irritating. The "only" unseen thing is the game concept itself.

Use keys Q, A, O, P and SPACE to play. You can combine those buttons to jump to the left or to the right and to perform a long jump. Colin can fall but only on a platform which is a level below or two levels below the one he is standing on.

Graphics may seem a little boxy, but are very good considering the age of the game. This original concept was refreshment after zillions of uninspired logical games. Every lover of this kind of games will be delighted: this is a MUST for them. All other players surely won't make a mistake with this one. Have a bite of the great time with Colin, platforms and Quavers.

Pushover and One Step Beyond are two quirky little gems from British publisher Ocean, who take the concept of traditional parlor games and turn them into addictive puzzle games that are reminiscent of Lemmings in style, but with truly original concepts. Pushover is essentially "dominoes" with lots of variations (e.g. "special" dominoes that explode, split in the middle with hit, etc.) to the theme. In the sequel, One Step Beyond, the concept is twisted around: now you must jump on different kinds of *platforms* to reach the exit. The result are two very addicting games with enough levels to keep the most die-hard puzzlemeisters occupied for hours.

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