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Pipeful Sunday is a nice freeware Pipe Mania clone. While it doesn't show off any revolutionary concepts or push the envelope, it is a well-coded, fun, and challenging puzzler. Your goal on each level is to lay different pipe segments to create a secure pipeline from the "IN" tile to the "OUT" tile. When the time limit runs out, water will start flowing out from the "IN" tile, and it is game over for you if it flows out from an open pipe segment.

What makes Pipeful Sunday a bit more difficult than other pipe puzzles is that you cannot choose the pipe segment to place on the board. You must always take the most recent one the game gives you, and put it somewhere (similar to Tetris that way). Since the board space is limited, and points will be deducted from your score if you replace an existing pipe segment on the board with a new one, you must carefully plan your route ahead of time to minimize the deductions. Higher levels of the game pose more obstacles, such as fixed walls you cannot destroy, but must run your pipes around.

All in all, Pipeful Sunday is a challenging and enjoyable puzzler. It is not hard to finish a level, but it is difficult to get high scores, i.e. minimize the number of tile replacements and your time - you get bonus points for finishing the route and allowing the water to flow before the time limited run out. If you enjoy reflex-based puzzlers, this freeware games from Japan will give you plenty of brain cell exercise.


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