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Tile Golf Puzzle is a clever variant on the typical arrange-the-tiles puzzle. From the official page: "Looking for ways to improve your golf game? Well, this puzzle won't improve your physical game, but it will provide you with a good mental workout. This challenging puzzle consits of 10 tiles; 9 square and 1 rectangular. The object is to slide the "golf ball" tile into the hole. Not only must this be accomplished using the fewest number of strokes, but all the remaining tiles must be back in their original starting position!"

It is not hard to slide the golf ball tile into the hole tile - it will take you only a few minutes to figure out. But it is much more difficult to arrange all the other tiles back in their position, let alone trying to do it in as few moves as possible. Puzzle experts may find this too easy, but for the rest of us, Tile Golf Puzzle provides a good mental workout. Too bad there is no random option, so the game has no replay value. A great puzzler to pass around to friends, though.


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