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Soko-Ban is a classic puzzle game, the basis of numerous clones in the later years. It is set in a warehouse. On each level, the player must push crates (from square to square) to get them onto designated spots; once each crate is on a marked spot, the level is complete. Crates can only be pushed one at a time (so two crates next to each other cannot be pushed together), and cannot be pulled--so it's possible to get a crate stuck in a corner, where it cannot be retrieved! By the last levels, you must plan 40 steps in advance.

I think Sokoban is one of the first puzzle games ever made. The Japanese company Spectrum Holobyte developed it in 1984, so it already had its 20 years anniversary.

It is not only one of the first; it is also one of the best. In the years from the development of this game until today, a lot of Sokoban clones have been made. If you google it, you will get about 150.000 results. There is everything from online java versions, to bigger games like Docker Sokoban.

Sokoban is a very simple game. There are a lot of crates that need to be pushed to the right spaces. To do this, you are in control of a little man, who can walk and push. The first 5-6 levels are fairly easy, and won't take a lot of time. Then it slowly becomes harder and harder. When you have completed the first 15-20 levels, you will have to think many steps forward to advance further. There are 50 levels in the game, so you can play it for many hours.

If you would like to challenge your friends, you can play multiplayer. Then you play in turn, and will get points after the number of moves used and the time passed. And if this is not enough, there is an integrated level editor, so you can make your own levels. When I was a kid, the guys and me used a lot of time making levels to challenge each other.

The sound in Sokoban is nothing to brag about. The only sound there is in the game is the steps of the man when he moves, and a little melody when a level is complete. This is played via the pc-speaker. The graphics are nice, if you think of how old the game is. But these things are really not important in this game, as it's the puzzle that you should focus on.

All in all, I think Sokoban is one of the best puzzle games ever made. It has kept me puzzled for hours, and I have really enjoyed it. If you like puzzles, this is really a "must have".

Whoa yeah - leave reality behind and play Sokoban. This game can really hook you up with this simple concept of moving crates to the right places. It starts up so nice and simple but gets harder soon. One false move can be crucial and you have to start up again. It is important to develop your strategy for each level before you move the first crate. Always remember that you should be able to move it back to its previous place if you can't put it on the targetted place where it can stay till the end. This game got what it takes to addict you for a long time - a simple idea and countless levels to occupy you for weeks. A timeless classic that doesn't need to hide for the big games of the genre like Tetris.

Soko-ban is the first puzzle game I played on the PC, and it remains to this day one of the most difficult. The objective is simple: move crates to create a path to the exit. But like other classic puzzle games, it is easy to learn yet hard to master. I actually never did finish the game-- the last few levels were very difficult in that you cannot afford even one false move: empty spaces are few, and the *order* of moving crates must be planned 20-30 steps in advance. Recommended for all puzzle fans.

One of the most original games of its time. Pushing and placing the crates onto the right spot can be quite a hard task to do. The game has many, many levels and they get pretty hard after only a few levels. Good thing you can play any level anytime you want. Good luck!

Ah Sokoban, the mother of many clones. The concept of this game was so simple, yet so original and perfectly puzzling that the game stood out in the puzzle game crowd. I used to play this for hours on end, and when I got a windows clone, I would make my own levels.

The situation is you are given a room, with walls all over the place, and you have to move the boxes onto the diamonds. Of course boxes can get trapped and then you can't move them anymore, and you have to start again. When you get all the boxes placed on the diamonds then you progress to the next level. See? The concept is simple, but is the game simple? No way! Even the first level makes you think, and by the time you get to the fourth level you can just envisage what the 50th will be like! Woe is you indeed. But you go red in the face, drink 100L of Coca-Cola and you persevere!

The graphics leave a lot to be desired, but what can you expect from an early 80's game? You'll still get addicted even if the colours make you feel a bit wasted ;).

You HAVE to play this game, it's the original and can't be beat. It's the mother of all puzzle games!

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