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Maybe sixth best of all time was a bit harsh because this truly is one of the best Amiga games ever written. Based on the planet Arrakis, it's a one player wargame centred around three clans, or houses, battling for control of the planet and the spice that the planet produces.

The game's mission-based and usually involves collecting spice using large harvesters (destroyable, so if you see an enemy harvester, destroy it). The spice collected can be traded you earn credits which you then spend on other installations (including gun turrets to protect your production centre, because once you lose it to enemy action you can't build and your game's effectively over). When you've accrued a sizeable army it's time to go and find the other houses and take them on. Hopefully you won't find both at the same time because then you'll find yourself fighting their combined might which can be tricky.

Different houses

One of the best things about Dune II is the way you can play the game as one house and when you've eventually worked your way through all of the missions you can go back and do it all over again as another house. This radically alters your playing style because each house has particular units and this affects your tactical thinking for each mission. Each house also has one special unit, for example the House of Ordos has Saboteurs - little men that can be told to go to an enemy installation and blow the thing up while the House of Harkonen has Death Hand missiles. Controlling and using your special units correctly can be the difference between success and failure on many missions.

Because of its mission structure, Dune II is very difficult to leave alone once you've started. Playing is a treat because it's so simple and yet so challenging. The action's somewhere between manic 'oh my goodness, here they come!' crisis management to 'right, a decoy action on this side of the wall will draw his gun turrets while my tanks can sneak in through the backdoor' strategy planning. Fantastic stuff that really has only been bettered by Command and Conquer. Well worthy of your attention, admiration and money.

A classical real time strategy game from Westwood studios. It was followed by Command & Conquer and many others. Based on the bestseller book Dune. Harkonen, Atreides and Ordos are the three houses, you can choose between. Build up your base, grow an army and conquer the enemy. It runs on an A500, but for enjoyable speed requires an A1200.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (4.62 MB).


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