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This is a trivia game based on the first three seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

You are presented with questions from a variety of categories, like new characters, places and alien races, and you must supply the answer. To make things interesting, there is a timer on each question that allows you fifteen seconds to answer. The more time that goes by, the lower your bonus score on the question will be. You are allowed to miss only a certain number of questions before the game is over. You start out with three Free Misses. Each time you miss a question, you loose one free miss. But you get an extra free miss when you answer ten questions correctly.

There are three volumes of Next Generation Trivia and each volume has a hundred different questions.

Play this and be the geek of the week? Nah, just kidding, I'm a treky myself, but still I found it hard to answer some of the questions. I mean, keeping all of the episode names in your head and remembering all the quotes and so on. It does seem really geeky.

Still it's a great way for different fans to test their knowledge of the early seasons of Star Trek TNG (if you ask me the best Star Trek series out there).

The game is fully keyboard controlled (by pressing the hot keys).

As you start the game you'll get some sounds and you'll see the category of the question. There will be the countdown bar over the questions. As long as it's not empty you get a bonus for an answer (if it's correct). You can't miss more than four answers (with the fifth wrong answer it's game over for you).

To select an answer press the number next to it. There can be two or four options to choose from.

In the top left corner you can see the number of questions you've got so far and the number of correct answers.

If you answer correctly, you'll also see a simple comment on the question (like in which episode a quote was said, or why this happened).

All in all a very straight forward game with no graphics, sounds that would be better left out and all the charm of a school exam, but at least on your favorite subject, if you're a Star Trek fan (if not, you really better stay away from this game).

What color are the eyes of Data? What is the name of Riker's father? - And those are only 2 of the easiest questions. This trivia game contains 100 questions - a must for every Star Trek TNG fan. I for myself found most of them hard to answer - they are often very hard and rely on your knowledge of the english original (esp. the names of the episodes) too often in my opinion. A nice game anyway, but not as good as Trek Trivia - the trivia game concentrating on the original Star Trek series.

The follow-up to Star Trek: The Trivia Game is based, appropriately enough, on Star Trek: The Next Generation series. The game is still text-based with hardly any graphics to wow over (but then, who needs any?), but this time there are many more questions on diverse topics that range from flora to anecdotal knowledge.

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