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Super Password was a popular game show that ran from 1984-1989, and this game was adapted from that television program. Players give and receive clues to 5 Passwords which, when all are listed on the board, suggest the identity of the person, place, thing, event, phrase, etc., that is the Super Password.

Each game consists of three to four rounds. The first round is worth $100, the second $200, the third $300, and the fourth (if necessary) $400. The first player to win $500 (or more) wins the game. The winner gets to play the Final Round for $10,000. To play the Final Round, the winning player must guess the ten Passwords as each one's initial letter is highlighted at the bottom of the stand. Each word is worth $100, but a special bonus of $10,000 is awarded if all ten are guessed.

One of the rarer TV game show conversions, Super Password is a decent PC version of the Pearson game show, although it's not very exciting since the game show itself isn't very interesting to begin with.

Super Password depicts the last round of the same name in the game show Password. In this trivia quiz variant, celebrities are given ten passwords starting with a certain letter (for example, "A") and continue alphabetically through to another letter (in this case, "J"). Each letter is the starting letter of the password that the contestant must identify. The contestant had 60 seconds (one minute) to guess each password. Contestants are given $100 for each word they get right. If the contestant correctly guesses the password, he/she will get a chance to solve the puzzle for which the password serves as a clue. The puzzle's solution can be either a PERSON, PLACE, or a THING. Puzzles are similar to Wheel of Fortune, but are much more straightforward. This computer version sports lackluster graphics, boring questions, and very little replay value due to the the repetitive nature of the puzzles. Overall, try this one only if you're a die-hard fan of the original show.

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