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Zig-Zag is a cross between the word games Hangman and Mastermind. The computer selects a secret word and then the player must try to guess it by placing other words in a crooked pattern and evaluating a point score based on the number of correct letters and their location compared to the letters in the secret word. In addition to freestyle word guessing, the game contains four "Quests" where the player moves across Hawaiian maps solving zig zags to traverse obstacles.

One of the most unique and entertaining word puzzle games I've come across, Zig Zag is best described as Mastermind with a difference: the task of deducing the hidden word based on "Zigs" (i.e. correct letters in correct positions) and "Zags" (correct letters in wrong positions) is made more difficult by the fact that each of your guesses have to form a valid word. The game's vocabulary is large, and the Hawaiian songs and voices add to the atmosphere. Add to that a great "quest" mode similar to Solitaire's Journey, and you can't really find fault with this gem.

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