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This puzzle game has 101 levels, in which you have to guide a varying number of Brainies of four different colors onto a spot that matches their color. You control a cross-hair, and press fire while over a Brainy to take or give up control of its motion. Running out of time costs you a life.

The challenge lies in the fact that you can only control the direction in which a Brainy will walk. Once this is set, he will continue to walk until he hits a wall, an obstacle or another Brainy.

To make things a bit more complicated, there are various obstacles like arrows that change the direction a Brainy is walking in and items than can optionally be picked up.

Leave it to the French to think that furry M&M's with fangs make a great game! I can say that as I am part French. Tiny Skweeks is a puzzle game featuring tiny fuzz balls with big teeth, bad breath, and limited intelligence.

Using the arrow keys and the space bar you select a single skweek at a time and move him/her/it in a direction. This is where the small brain comes into play, as a skweek will continue to walk until it encounters an obstacle, such as a wall, or block. To solve a level you have to place a tiny skweek on the circular platform that matches its fur color. You must guide all skweeks to their platform before the timer reaches zero.

The game uses a system of passwords to allow restarting at the last puzzle you successfully solved. The graphics are showing their age, but still are more than ample for the game to be playable. The music is snappy, but the "hurry up" tune is rather startling as it often breaks in just after you start a level, especially those that start with very little time to begin with.

The puzzles increase in difficulty at a fair pace and new obstacles, modifiers and deterrents are introduced at a gentle rate. You probably won't have to replay many initial levels, but they begin to take multiple tries before you get bored.

Tiny Skweeks may be France's greatest contribution to the world after French Fries (yes, I know they're from Belgium, but work with me here). It's certainly a fun little puzzle game for folks who enjoy games in this genre. Pop some M&M's in your mouth and have some puzzle-playing fun!

Tiny Sweek is a nice puzzle game starring the Skweek characters. Starts very easy but gets a bit more challenging in later levels. The goal of the game is to get every Skweek to the pad with the same color as the Skweek. You control these critters by hitting the space bar when the cursor box is over a Skweek, and then send him in the direction you want. Similar to Lemmings, the Skweeks will blindly walk in that direction until they either hit another Skweek, a wall, or any other solid obstacle. Overall, a nice puzzler that won't dethrone Lemmings from the cuteness pedestal, but definitely has more than enough charm on its own and challenges to occupy even the most jaded puzzle meistros.

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