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Tower of Goo Unlimited is a very addictive 'coffee break' game that is based on a simple premise: drag goo balls to form "joints" of a structure, making it as high as possible. Like other games on the Experimental Gameplay website, Tower of Goo Unlimited boasts authentic physics: gravity constantly threatens to pull down your structure, and since the goo balls travel along the beams you create (by stretching a sticky goo ball to form a bridge between two previous joints), the stability of your spring/mass structure is very important. The game is reminiscent of Bridge Builder and Pontifex, two superb physics-based games reviewed on this site. Think of it as Pontifex-lite, and you will have a lot of fun with this cool coffee-break game. The "unlimited" in the name refers to the infinite space you have to play with - the original version of this game had spatial constraints.


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