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Word Whiz is a word challenge game that can measure your knowledge of the English language. You must pick the right synonym or definition of the highlighted word from four multiple choices. There are hundred words presented per volume, with a total of four volumes. You can continue playing until you miss twenty questions. And you will earn a Bonus Miss for every ten questions you answer correctly. Also, when a question is correctly answered, you might receive some addition related information.

Having a similar interface to Trivia Whiz, Word Whiz is a game that tests your english language vocabulary. Created by Scott Miller, it was a shareware game from 1990. Apogee/3D Realms re-released it as freeware in December 2005, along many other, less popular productions from their catalogue.

Even though I think studying grammar and trying to enrich your vocabulary is boring, I consider this word challenge fun, contrary to Trivia Whiz, where it was a pain to go through half of the questions, despite me loving general knowledge quizzes. Word Whiz has 4 volumes, each with 100 questions. You have 20 free misses at the beginning, and you gain 1 more for every 10 correct answers. That means you can finish a volume with at least 20 mistakes. If you run out of free misses, it's game over.

There are no direct questions here. You receive a sentence with a word highlighted in capital letters. You must select the correct definition of this word from the 4 options given to you. The entertaining part is that you can deduce the correct meaning from the sentence, if you don't really know it from your previous literary encounters. Since I'm not from an english-speaking country, I can't give this game a definite mark, but I'd say it becomes quite easy if you know different languages, since most of the words highlighted here are neologisms taken from other nations. The English have borrowed a lot of terms from the French, it will be a big plus if you know the language of the latter. Other helpful tongues would be the scientifical ones: latin and ancient greek, but you only need basic knowledge on these.

It was important for me to be a polyglot in order to answer half of the questions, but I don't think people from USA or UK will need that. If you've read at least a couple of books in your life, I'm sure you'll find this quiz simple. After each answer, your rating will be updated in the upper-right corner of the screen. It's a nice addition, because you can see the level you're at, including "Word Wimp", "9th Grade Reading Level", "Average", "Just Above Average", "College Graduate Level", "Word Whiz of the Galaxy!" and others. I also need to mention the option of displaying the correct answer after every miss. You can choose it at beginning of the game, if you want to make your experience easier.

Being fun for a while is not enough. Word Whiz becomes child's play at times, and there's not much to do besides learning some new words or improving your memory, considering the limited interface and the basic sounds included in the package. Still, it's worth a try. You could even prefer it over other games in moments of total boredom.

Probably two of the rarest Apogee games in existence, Word Whiz and Trivia Whiz are two decent trivia games by George Broussard and Scott Miller, two founders of Apogee. Word Whiz is the more limited and straightforward game of the two: you must pick the right synonym or definition of the highlighted word from 4 multiple choices. In Trivia Whiz, the questions span a wide range of subjects, and there is a nice real-time mechanic: you must answer each question within fifteen seconds to get bonus points. There are "free misses" you can use as well. All in all, fun games that trivia fans will enjoy - and Apogee fans will definitely delight in acquiring ;) Last but not least: an interesting anecdote is that Trivia Whiz was actually not published under Apogee name but "Micro F/X," a small company that George Broussard ran before he teamed up with Scott Miller in 1990 to form Apogee.

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