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If you adore movies and are gaga over You Don't Know Jack, this is a no-brainer: you must have this game. Like others in the series, the emphasis is on humor as you test your knowledge of the movie industry with 800 different questions. But this is more than a game show or trivia contest -- it's an experience.

You Don't Know Jack Movies has a lot of personal touches that make you feel you're actually participating in front of a live broadcast. If you choose to play a single game, the announcer will razz you on having no friends. If you happen to be one of the first names on the high score table, he'll comment on how it's easy to get on the list when there's no one else to beat.

In addition, the game uses the clock and date on your computer to further personalize the game. For example, I played on April 1st and the game took an unusually long time to load. After a few minutes, the announcer came on to say they were playing an April Fool's joke! Try playing late at night and the announcer will ask "Does your mother know you're up this late?" There are a lot of these little gems to keep you smiling in front of your computer.

So what does the movie version have to offer for fans of "The Jack" series? Well, the game has new movie-related question screens such as Question 5's: "It's Alive!" (from Frankenstein) or Question 12', let's just say it's based on the adult movie genre. There are six types of questions you'll face: Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, Whatshisname, Gibberish™, DisOrDat™ and the final Jack Attack™. There are also "Fiber Optic Field Trips" which will have the announcer call a seemingly random person at "home" to submit a question.

While Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank questions are self-explanatory, the rest of the questions are a bit different. Whatshisname is a type of guessing game where the announcer will read off certain highlights from someone in the movie industry. Your job is to figure out whom he's referring to. Gibberish™ is a movie title or famous quote that has been changed to sound like -- you guessed it -- gibberish. One example is "Noah said, 'Take my way.'" The answer? "Go ahead, make my day." The faster you buzz-in to solve the puzzle, the more money you'll receive. DisOrDat™ is a bonus question that involves making a choice between two different categories. The announcer will read a list of seven clues and you'll have to decide which category each one falls under.

As fun as this game is, there is but one drawback: the number of questions. With only 800 in total, you'll need to savor this game like a fine wine. If you're looking for the perfect party game or can't get enough of "The Jack" series, then you should overlook the relatively small amount of questions, sit back, dim the lights and enjoy the hilarious show.

Graphics: The graphics are very simple, but the text is very easy to read with a nice, large font. Animated question screens are pretty funny too.

Sound: This is the most important element in the game and it is fantastic. It actually sounds like a real broadcast. The only other things I would love to hear are the players' names being announced.

Enjoyment: This game is tastier than a box of Goobers while it lasts. If only there were more questions! Parents should be warned that the game does contain a fair amount of innuendo and suggestive references, but they are probably over the head of most children anyway. Make sure you keep listening after the game is over: some of the movie promos and fake commercials are as funny as the actual game!

Replay Value: You Don't Know Jack Movies keeps track of top scores and is unmatched for a party game. It just needs more questions to extend the replay value.

You Don't Know Jack Movies is a part of the You Don't Know Jack series of humorously presented trivia question games. As the title implies, this edition is dedicated entirely to cinema, as players are tested in their knowledge of the film industry. The gameplay is very similar to that of the "regular" entries, in particular the second installment. The game features the traditional Flickerpiss Nosescums (gibberish questions), Multiple Choice, and Jack Attack question modes, as well as those introduced in You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 - Fill in the Blanks, Dis or Dats, Whatitsname, and Picture Questions. The Celebrity Calls mode from the second game has been replaced with Fiber Optic Trips, which involves calling strangers and having them ask the contestants questions.

Movie-trivia buffs can test their film smarts with Berkeley Systems' fourth installment in its hugely popular You Don't Know Jack CD-ROM game series, where ''high culture collides with pop culture.'' Chockful of double entendres and dripping with tongue-in-cheek sass, it's a fast and furious quiz on all things cinematic (along with snappy new musical interludes between questions). This latest outing, hosted by a new virtual wiseacre named Raoul, plays like a rowdy frat-house version of Jeopardy! With questions ranging from the ridiculous to the ridiculously obscure (What do they put on an ''egg MacGuffin?'' ''A Hitchcock plot device with ham and cheese''), even the geekiest of film geeks can meet his or her match.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (592 MB).


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