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Zyconix is an arcade puzzle game.

Colored blocks raining down on a playfield, we've seen that before. Zyconix takes the Columns principle (align three or more bricks of the same color to make them disappear) and adds a few twists of its own:

First, there are no groups or columns of stones, only single blocks.

Second, several of them slide down at once, and you select and move them with a cursor.

Third, only horizontal and diagonal lines disappear, but not stacks of the same color.

Zyconix is a fun Tetris/Columns clone with some new ideas. Instead of controlling the falling tiles themselves, you have to catch the tiles and can control one, when caught. There are also some nice extra bonuses such as a little ball, with which you can play Breakout-type game when activated. To complete the suite of options, there are also a two-player mode, nice music, and various different play-modes. Overall a good clone - probably a bit too easy for Tetris experts, though. Recommended, but for beginners only.

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