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The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions gives you a surprising amount of freedom by offering multiple solutions to puzzles, which gives it strength and appeal unlike standard games of the genre. Encouraging experimentation above beating high scores or a clock, Even More Contraptions gives you the opportunity to work through solutions with various objects, such as levers, pulleys, candles, and walls, as well as even stranger items like cheese, lasers, and anti-gravity pads. Although the game applies properties of physics to problem solving, it is so delightfully entertaining that gamers of all ages won't realize the depth of learning involved.

You begin easily enough, with a long tutorial designed to give you a feel of the game, how many of the common items work with each other, and extensive hints intended to give you a better understanding of how all of the elements in the game function. Although the tutorial will seem overly long for some, patience is the key to the game, and it's time well spent. By the time you reach actual gaming levels, the tutorial will be much appreciated.

No penalties are given for trying out a contraption before it is complete or if it doesn't work, which is helpful in letting you gauge progress and tweak designs. Although gameplay can be a bit nerve-wracking at times with just one subtle change making all the difference in completing the goal or not, the game is friendly and never subjects you to pressure. The gaming environment is very relaxing and refreshing, allowing you to make as many mistakes as you need to until the device is working properly. The satisfaction of a job well done is your only reward, but a surprisingly good one.

While the whimsy of the game can grow a bit tiresome and cutesy with the abundance of animals like mice, cats, and monkeys, or wacky goals like having to fire cannons at fish tanks or lighting magic lanterns, the sense of humor keeps the entertainment light. Without these elements, gameplay would likely be dry but, as it is, the colorful graphics and unusual objectives will charm younger players. Older gamers may feel a bit beyond the game's whimsical nature, but will still enjoy the challenge of problem solving.

The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions is a well-rounded game with something to offer for a wide age group. Although its pace is thoughtful and sometimes lacks excitement, Even More Contraptions allows you to celebrate your intelligence and knowledge, and that, more than anything else, is what makes it great.

Graphics: While cartoon-like in nature, individual items are easily identifiable and distinguishable from each other, which is important to the game.

Sound: The variety of background songs, clear voices, and fun sound effects all complement gameplay perfectly.

Enjoyment: While some of the puzzles can be difficult, you can take your time without being frustrated. The sense of accomplishment at the end of each puzzle is a great reward.

Replay Value: Several difficulty levels with numerous puzzles in each offer great challenges.

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