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Joey is the pot bellied, grunting, occasionally flatulent character that flashes his buttcrack from sea to shining sea in Arcade America.

This game is a jaunt across the country from Alcatraz to Woodstock. In between, our hero encounters a variety of creatures bent on deterring him from reaching his rock and roll goal. Joey picks up ammo and extra life time by running over strategic objects on the road as he goes from destination to destination. There are also numerous secret rooms in which can be found bonus points, extra life, and the all important tools needed to free the monsters that must be released in order to win.

Each location has unique features. For example, you fight off ghosts in an abandoned Alcatraz, crawl through the mud in Oklahoma, and fight off sharp dressed little nasties in Vegas.

You obtain passwords as you complete each location's challenges. In this way, you can eventually wend your way to Woodstock, where you are promised "an earth shattering experience" that "you've earned." Arcade America is good fun. I found the body function humor a little juvenile, however.

The graphics are very impressive. All in all, this is a good program. When you play it, make sure you sit through the bluesy electric violin solo that plays through the end credits. It's the greatest I've heard since Jean-Luc Ponty on Elton John's Honky Chateau!

Joey and his pet monsters are going to a concert in Woodstock. Unfortunately, Joey has overslept, and his monsters have gone a little overboard in waking him up; their plan involved colossal amounts of dynamite. As a result, all the monsters have ended up all over the USA, and now Joey has to find them all.

Arcade America is a humorous platform game where you control the rather overweight Joey. Each level consists of a couple of smaller micro-levels and is set in an iconic location within the States, such as Alcatraz or Las Vegas, and has its own specific enemies. The goal on each level is to rescue one of the monsters.

While moving between levels, you take part in a crazy minigame where you control Joey's car as he drives towards the next area. While driving, Joey must avoid obstacles on his way, but he can also collect ammunition and shoot at the obstacles.

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