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Atari and Cyparade invite players to get the ball rolling in Ballance. An action puzzle game, somewhat in the vein in Marble Madness, Ballance requires gamers to guide a ball through the nebulous sky along metal tracks, wooden roads, concrete paths, and over and around mechanical obstacles. The goal is to reach the end of each level without falling off the course. Players compete against a clock, but gravity and inertia also come in to play as each level contains transformers that change the ball's physical properties. As the material changes from wood to paper to stone players must adapt to the ball's new mass and rolling abilities. For example, the paper ball is highly maneuverable and can be rolled over fans to float, but it is too light to affect seesaws or move obstacles, whereas the stone ball obliterates obstacles but cannot ascend steep slopes. Each of the 12 levels is filled with time boosters and extra lives to help when gamers inevitably drop the ball.


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