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Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Wild Western Town is in many ways the same as another Fisher-Price game, Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Pirate Ship. In fact, three of the games and activities are almost exactly the same: The Sing-Along in Pepe's Piano Bar, The Boot and the Town Cannon have almost exactly parallel games in Pirate Ship. This isn't exactly a bad thing, since young children will enjoy the familiar parts of the program and there is plenty of new stuff to do that will keep them entertained.

As in the other games of this type, players must search for what is missing. In this case, it is nine gold bars stolen from the safe in the bank. Unlike Pirate Ship, secret compartments don't open on their own. Instead, when players find a place that may contain a compartment, the cursor changes to a star and they must click the mouse button to open it. Several of the rooms and scenes contain other areas accessible by clicking when the cursor changes into an arrow.

In addition to the activity of searching for gold bars, players can enter one of seven other games and activities. In the hotel, they can help the desk clerk, Orville Bedlump return items to the guests who request them. Based on clues given by the guests, you must decide which item belongs to the guest in question.

You can go to Pepe's Piano Bar and hear some old western favorites such as She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain sung by the regulars.

In the General Store, players can help Miss Jane Sweetwater fill orders from her customers. She will tell players what to look for (such as "three items used in camping") and will confirm or refuse items players select and drag to the sack. Should players get three guesses wrong, she will show them which items are correct.

In the Sheriff's Office, players can make a Wanted Poster of their own, picking the body, face and hat as well as other facial features to create the perfect criminal. Additionally, they can design the deputy star, adding jewels, characters and other items to the basic star, another player choice. Both the deputy star and Wanted Poster can be made up to five different times, stored and printed on a color computer.

Above the Sheriff's Office is the Boot where players can learn barrel booting with Deputy Slim. They load a barrel into the machine and aim at various objects by clicking on them; each object has a variety of animations triggered when targeted by a barrel. Above the hotel and general store is the town cannon, fired by Deputy Garcia. Similar to the cannon aboard the Pirate Ship, players can fire a variety of objects from it, up to and including Deputy Garcia.

Once players have gotten all nine gold bars, they can catch Bandit Bob and throw him in the jail. They are then awarded the deputy star they designed as well as a printable certificate. This is a wonderful game, much like Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Pirate Ship but without the scarier aspects. Bandit Bob is more funny than scary and thus is more suitable for younger players than the other game.

Graphics: Wonderful graphics, full of color and amusing animations.

Sound: Easy to hear and with a slightly western flavor to the voices.

Enjoyment: Extremely enjoyable.

Replay Value: Each game is different, but the activities remain the same.

In Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Wild Western Town, you play a deputy law enforcement agent for an old wild west town. Your primary goal is to find a number of gold bars that the outlaw Bandit Bob has hidden around town. Wander around the colorful, Fisher-Price-themed town and look into and under every nook and cranny in order to recover the stolen bars.

Additionally, there are various games and activities that the player can participate in: Emma's Dilemma: Help the storekeep in packing orders for customers. Find the items in the store that match the requested specification. Pepe's Piano Room: Musical sing-along activity. Guest Guess: The player is presented with 9 items at the hotel guest counter. A random guest appears and the player must guess which item corresponds to the guest (e.g., boat anchor goes with pirate guest). Town Cannon: Fire the town's cannon at various targets (with assorted types of ammo) with zany outcomes. Bank Safe: Visit the bank safe to check how many gold bars have been recovered so far. The Boot: Drop a barrel in the automated boot machine and aim it at various targets around town for wacky results. Wacky Wanted Posters: Art activity that allows the player to create their own wanted outlaw poster. Build A Badge: Art activity that revolves around creating your a custom deputy badge.

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