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Adventure with Captain Stubbs and his crew, the cleanest bunch of pirates you will ever run across. Of course, these pirates have a problem. Captain Stubbs tore his pirate map into pieces and hid them all over the boat.

Players must explore the ship by moving their mouse over various parts of the vessel. As they do, secret compartments, bags, boxes and barrels will open; assistance is provided by Pongolo Pete. If he says, "I'm sure a piece of the map is hidden here" it is. If he merely mentions finding all nine pieces, there is no piece hidden where you are looking.

There are also seven games/activities in various locales around the ship. Downstairs in the mess, players can listen to various pirate songs and sea chanties sung by Captain Stubbs' crew. In the Captain's cabin, players can design their own pirate flag, popularly known as a Jolly Roger.

Also, players can feed Pongolo Pete, the Captain's parrot, such diverse items as fish, crackers, birdseed, insects, horseshoes, an anchor, a boot, dynamite, a bowling ball, etc. Players will enjoy seeing Pongolo Pete's reaction to the various objects.

As another activity to perform in the Captain's cabin, players can put the finishing touches on the ship in a bottle that he is building. One of the things I liked about this activity is that once the player chooses a design that he or she likes, the picture of those items change in the cabin as well (unlike some games where they go back to a static picture).

On the rest of the boat, players can shoot various items out of the cannon with Gunner John, including chickens, a dog, cannonballs, a treasure chest, a pig or Pongolo Pete himself. Up in the Crow's Nest, players can look at various tableaus unfolding on the sea and on Pirate's Isle. These are humorous and range from Poseidon holding a puppet show to the Skullface pirates burying treasure.

Finally, players can go down to the shark raft to practice their target shooting with Mr. Pym. Players can fire barrels at the various targets, using the mouse to aim and fire at dragons, polar bears and penguins, among other objects.

Once players have assembled all nine pieces of the treasure map, they must explore Pirate Isle until they find the big red X. When they do, players must dig until they expose the entire chest and click on it. After the treasure is revealed, the Skullface pirates flee the island and all of Captain Stubbs' crew come out to celebrate. Players are given a chance to replay the game with a new map (there are a total of 10 separate maps).

This is a great game but younger children may find the Skullface pirates rather frightening in looks and may also be frustrated in trying to find the pieces of the treasure map. There is no way to adjust the game difficulty to match the age of the child which is why this game only gets a very good rating and not excellent.

Graphics: Bold and colorful with lots of cute characters and animations.

Sound: Really excellent, especially the pirate songs and sea chanteys.

Enjoyment: Very enjoyable but younger children may have difficulty finding all the map pieces and may get scared of the look of the skullface pirates.

Replay Value: With 10 maps, players will want to play this again and again.


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