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Thinkin' Things Collection 3 is an excellent way to let your child learn as he has fun. Each of the five activities presented: Stocktopus, Half Time, Fripple Place, Carving Blox and Photo Twister, make learning fun. Each teach overlapping and different areas of logical thinking such as creating patterns and sequences and learning spatial awareness.

The kids don't need to know they are learning. All they will be aware of is how much fun the activities presented are. The animations are large and clear, the voices friendly. Everything is colorful and bright, and help is available for every activity.

Stocktopus gives kids the problem of trading what they have to reach a set goal. The kids select a trade they would like to make and Stocktopus phones the trader to help the kids make the deal. He congratulates kids when they get goal items. Three successfully completed trades in a row earn the child a place on the list of successful traders.

Carving Blox lets kids experiment with gravity and friction on a block of steel. They carve shapes and let the differently colored marbles roll about.

Half Time allows kids to create their own halftime program, using a variety of moves and crazy actions that can be programmed into the show.

Photo Twister can allow kids to either experiment with the Twister's effects on a picture, or attempt to make a similar photo into a copy of the one shown by using the twisters.

Fripple Place asks children to place the fripples into their 3x3 home by interpreting clues such as "Westside Fripples are red" and "Top floor Fripples are solid". Children can also read some of the Fripple's thoughts as an aid to placing them in the home.

The manual explains the activities for parents and gives an overview of what each activity teaches and how the parent can help the child with the activity, to make it more fun or to prevent frustration.

Graphics: Graphics are large, kid-friendly, and colorful.

Sound: Voices are friendly.

Enjoyment: Your children will enjoy these games a lot.

Replay Value: n/a

This is a collection of activities that require a child to use deduction, creativity, analysis and reasoning. Stocktopus is you broker to trade items to get the items you need for your portfolio (or get the items you need to get the items you need for your portfolio). Fripple Place asks you to "Solve the mystery of the empty Fripple House" by placing creatures called Fripples into the correct rooms according to their descriptions or in relation to another Fripple's location. BLOX let's you learn about friction, motion, gravity and inertia as you create inclines, grooves and holes and send up to 6 balls through their paces. Halftime Show has you creating a halftime show program with various characters and commands. Photo Twister has aliens that have altered a photograph and you have to analyze the photo and line up the aliens that altered it. You can also use the alien's tools to get creative and alter the photo yourself. The program also has a Grow Slide on Photo Twister, Stocktopus and Fripple Place so that the more correct answers you get in those activities, the harder the next one will be.

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