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JumpStart 5th Grade Adventures is a two-CD set that uses the "AdJust for You" learning system, designed to monitor the level of skill displayed by the user and continually adjust the difficulty accordingly. Specifically, an assessment technology initially determines the child's abilities and skills, then an adaptive learning technology allows the student to move forward at his or her individual pace utilizing a tutor for assistance whenever required. Parents and caregivers can monitor advancement of skills with the help of in-depth progress reports.

The first CD in the set, "Jo Hammet: Kid Detective," is an adventure-based learning experience in which kids take the role of a skateboarding amateur crime-solver who tries to thwart the mad genius Dr. X and save Hooverville from destruction. Using math, critical thinking, visual reasoning, vocabulary skills, and more, players must gather clues, escape from a dungeon, unlock secret codes, solve the mystery, and save the city. The second disc, "Adventure Challenge," also features Jo and provides challenges such as snowboarding, in-line skating, mountain biking, rock-climbing, and more, along with the ability to create and print a personally designed magazine displaying the accomplishments.

In addition to the five adventure games contained in Adventure Challenge, extra games can be downloaded from the official developer's website. Rounding out the package is a bonus CD developed by Kaplan, Math for the Real World, that puts players in a band touring the country trying to earn enough money to create its own video. More than 4,000 math problems cover topics such as money, percentages, fractions, decimals, time management, and measurements.

Jump Start Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective tells about a kid named Jo Hannet, Kid Detective. When the city of Hoverville has electric problems from the evil Dr. X, Jo goes out to stop him. Go to several stores and places in Hoverville asking the owners for help. If you help them with puzzles, they'll give you something you may need to stop Dr. X. In the meantime try spying on three octopus-haired men!

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