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An RPG set in a classic fantasy world full of goblins, orcs, ogres, and trolls, Legend: Hand of God places an emphasis on heavy combat and action. Players begin as a young apprentice, who, upon returning from a rite of passage, discovers that all of his brethren have been massacred. Gamers can develop their character as a warrior, a mage, or a hybrid of the two, but whatever choice they make, the result will be the same -- massive retaliatory carnage. The action is click-based, meaning players travel by clicking where they want to go, and they attack by clicking on the enemy. The cursor in Legend: Hand of God takes on the form of a luminescent fairy that provides light in the darkened (and randomly generated) dungeons, and periodically offers gamers hints, and the developers have implemented a "Cinematic Combat System" that provides distinct attack animations for each enemy. This means the main character will jump up and attack larger enemies, rather than just slashing at their knees, and he'll also perform unique finishing moves when the bad guys are on their last legs.


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