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Minecraft is an open-ended game in which players collect natural resources from the virtual world around them, and use these to construct buildings, objects, and devices of their own design. With a retro, 8-bit appearance, the procedurally generated, grid-based, 3D worlds of Minecraft are made from countless building blocks of various virtual substances, such as ore, wood, dirt, or water. From the default, first-person perspective, players can manipulate these blocks, moving them from their natural locations and placing them together to form new structures.

In addition to the notion of pulling ore from the earth, the "Mine" in Minecraft might also be taken in the possessive sense. Designing and creating one's own, ever-expanding assembly of inter-related constructions, using raw materials found in the world, is at the heart of play. (The "Craft" part, for that matter, is equally apt.) From amphitheaters to airstrips, garrisons and golf courses, players can construct Minecraft versions of nearly anything they can imagine.

Along with creating an object's form, players can give it function, as well. Simple "yes or no" logic gate switches allow for the construction of simple devices, such as a button that opens a door, and can be combined to create complex machines and dynamic routines. This is especially useful in the game's main "Survival" mode, where hostile creatures roam the land, sometimes guarding resource-rich areas. Here, Minecraft can be reminiscent of the computer game Dungeon Keeper, except that players construct their towers and traps from scratch, using their personally gathered collections of Lego-like building blocks.

Players can follow in-game recipes to create specific tools and devices, such as a pickaxe or a ladder. The commercial versions of Minecraft are based on the web game created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson and developed by his studio, Mojang AB, which was founded with funds from the game's popular pay-to-play beta version.


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