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Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale is an action-oriented combat adventure based on the Fourth Edition rules of the original tabletop RPG, designed with cooperative multiplayer in mind. Brave heroes forge through a medieval fantasy world, exploring dangerous subterranean locations and waging third-person battle with swords, sorcery, stealth, and spiritual support. Online, up to four player characters can adventure as a team through the game's greatest challenges. Two players can adventure cooperatively in split-screen, as well, and a single-player mode is also available.

The focus of the game is on combat and questing, with a simplified method of character creation. Instead of designing their heroes from scratch, players choose one of four pre-made characters of set race and class combinations: the dwarf priest, the halfling magic-user, the elf rogue, or the human fighter. Players can custom-develop their characters as they gain experience and levels, however, by upgrading attribute scores and choosing from a selection of class-oriented Feat abilities. Players can also determine how to equip their heroes with the armor, weapons, and gear they acquire in their adventures.

Set in Dungeons & Dragons' storied Forgotten Realms, the game takes place on the continent of Faerūn, in the Dalelands. The adventure leads through fan-familiar locations including the Mines of Tethyamar and the imposing Tower of the Void, as heroes come together to defeat the evil monstrosity known as Rezlus and his overwhelming force of Zhentarim mercenaries. Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale is available as a budget-friendly retail release for PC, or for purchase by download through Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. Developed by newcomer Bedlam Games, it is first in a planned trilogy.


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