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Card Puzzles is yet another excellent freeware card puzzle collection from NZP. This collection, in the author's words, includes "...five clever conundrums with playing cards. Several varieties of puzzles are included in this collection - stacking and sequence challenges, a puzzle involving a chess knight, and a magic square puzzle with a unique twist! Puzzles range in difficulty from moderate to difficult."

This collection has five puzzles of varying difficulty. In Puzzle 1, your goal is to arrange the cards into numerical sequence (from 1 through 8) using the fewest possible moves. Puzzle 2 is similar, except here you have to exchange the position of the two aces in the fewest possible moves. The goal in Puzzle 3, my favorite of the bunch, is to stack the 10 cards into 5 groups, each group consisting of 2 cards. Puzzle 4 is a familiar variant of the "knight puzzle" in chess : here you must remove all 32 cards from the board by landing the knight on each card only once. And lastly, in Puzzle 5 your objective is to arrange the playing cards so that they total 15 both horizontally and vertically.

There is a few features that are common in all five puzzles. These include the indispensable UNDO option, the "magnifying glass" icon that lets you see the winning layout of each puzzle (the solution, in other words), and the game counter that keeps track of how many moves you've made so far. Although all of the five puzzles are no longer challenging once you solve them, it is fun to try to find an alternate solution that requires fewer moves - and to stump your friends who have not played these puzzles before. Highly recommended, although the lack of random element makes the game a bit too short-lived.


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