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DRroboWHOids (a name that makes you want to scream at the designer) is a great PC remake of Daleks, a classic UNIX puzzle game that got a new life on the Macintosh as Classic Daleks. In this game, you must help that ingenious time traveller, Doctor Who , avoid ever-growing swarms of your arch-enemies, the Daleks. You are armed only with your trusty Sonic Screwdriver, an ability to teleport to random destinations, and your wit.

Basically you must maneuver so that the Daleks crash into each other. The Sonic Screwdriver is a handy little device that destroys any Daleks adjacent to you, but will only work once. You are given a limited number of screwdrivers at the start of each level, with new ones awarded upon level completion. When all else fails, you can make a "final stand," allowing the Daleks to keep moving until either you or all the Daleks have been killed.

DRroboWHOids is without a doubt one of the best DOS conversions of a classic Macintosh game. Highly recommended.


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