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FlowerPower is a fun puzzle game with a simple premise: collect all the flowers on each level to increase "flower power" (ugh) while avoiding the "Bad Lieutenant" who follows you around. The catch is that each move costs you some amount of flower power, and the paths around you randomly open and close, so you have to carefully plan your moves. You can rotate the paths around you to open the way, but that also costs flower power. Each flower you collect gives you 1 point, and your goal is simply to accumulate as many points as possible before 5 lives run out.

Designed in the spirit of 1970's in the US, the game's levels are psychadelic and even the help screen is written in "flower language" (with a lot of "like, you know" sprinkled for good measure). Once you get used to the swirly graphics, though, the game is quite a lot of fun and challenging. If you enjoy reflex-oriented puzzlers, give this quirky game a try.


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