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A fun puzzle game in which you arrange mirrors to beam light onto a target. New obstacles and powerups keep the game interesting.

There are plenty puzzle games around and most of them don't keep you at your keyboard for a long time. However, Pixel Painters somehow came up with a game that is tricky and fun to the extent that I am tempted to compare the fun factor with the well known "Incredible Machines" series. But those guys had something else that makes this software forge a bit different: the variety of genres. They made Xatax - a space ship scroller, Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf - a sports game, Electranois - an Arcanoid clone, Dig it - a jump and run and Laser Light - a puzzler. All of these games had very cool and colourful graphics mixed with extraordinary gameplay.

In Laser Light you need to arrange mirrors and prisms in a room in order to get a fixed laser shoot at a target. There are normal mirrors and semipermeable ones that reflect the light and let some light pass through. The prisms make the laser split into two beams. The levels begin quite easy. Set up one or two mirrors or prisms and the job is done. Later you will experience harder challenges where you need to use wood to block laser beams or avoid explosives.

For each level you have a time limit of 5 minutes to plan your reflections and refractions. When you are sure all lasers will finally hit the target you can click on the "fire" button and see what happens. When you manage to complete the level at the first shot you will be awarded 100 points. Each time you produced a failure the level's score will be decreased by 10 points. To earn extra points you must hit the fruits that are on your way. The level-backgrounds are often a bit confusing and that's why you should use the right mouse button for guides.

Laser Light hasn't got level codes as other puzzle games offer. That's a nice thing against cheaters. Its impossible to look up the cheat page and simply begin at level 30. To save your current achievements you can use the save option in the main menu. This enables many players to make their own game on the same computer.

I already mentioned the nice graphics so to complete this review I add that the sound does a nice job as well. For further instructions read the "instructions" in the main menu.

Enjoy this little gem in the puzzles section!

Pixel Painter's second release is a fun and innovative puzzle game in which you have to arrange mirrors to reflect the laser light from the source to required target in each level. The puzzles get very difficult fast, but the addition of new obstacles and items you can use will keep puzzle gamers hooked for hours on end.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.85 MB).


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