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Papu's Odyssey is a fun puzzle game in the same style as Epyx's popular Chip's Challenge game, except that you are now a fish fighting to save the reef. Your job is to open the gate that opens the way to the next level. To do that, you need to open all the oysters on the level to retrieve the pearl inside. You need to examine each level carefully to be sure to locate all of the oysters, moving obstacles such as conch shells out of your way, and avoid hostiles such as sea slugs and electric eels. Many of the levels are designed to mislead you into moving shells into the wrong location, so carefully planning your moves is a must.

Another important element in the game is timing. Some of the levels cannot be solved until you figure out how to make two or more of your enemies actually work for you, such as kill each other. Overall, Papu's Odyssey is a pleasant and fun puzzler that is not too difficult for beginners. Recommended, especially for newbies to the genre, or budding puzzle gamers in your house.

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