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Pentamino for Windows is an excellent computer version of Pentamino, a popular Russian puzzle game that plays like a variant of Pentagrams. Each puzzle displays a shape made up of 1x1 square tiles, and 12 pieces of various shapes. Your goal is to place those 12 pieces on the shape such that they completely fill the shape, without any overlaps. You can rotate each piece clockwise/counterclockwise or flipping it into a mirror image, but each rotation costs you a move. Naturally, the less number of moves you finish the puzzle, the better your score will be.

The program contains dozens of puzzles, both from the Russian science magazine that inspired the designer, as well as the designer's own puzzles. You can even create your own puzzles and add them to the game's puzzle database. What's more, the game also keeps track of your progress: it automatically saves all the moves you made for all the puzzles, and is intelligent enough to present you with a tougher puzzle if you solve one too quickly. If you love Tangrams or brainteasers in general, Pentamino for Windows will present hours of captivating challenge - even if the presentation is a bit too "dry" and drab-looking. Recommended for all puzzle lovers!


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