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Quadrel is a puzzle game in which you must fill each piece of the selected layout with different colored paints, without painting two adjacent pieces the same color.

At the beginning of a game, you can select the desired image or layout, as well as whether you wish to play with unlimited time or not. You can also select the "Imposed" game mode, in which the game points which piece you must fill next. Each layout has a set amount of paint available for use, in four different colors: red, green, blue and yellow. The amount of brush stokes left for each color is indicated on your palette. Some layouts have a large amount of a particular color and a very small amount of another, while other layouts have a more even amount of each color. The goal is to plan well from the start, so as to avoid running out of a particular color that will be needed to finish the layout.

The game can be played in solitaire mode, against the computer, or against another human player on the same screen. There are no sound effects during gameplay, only music. If you manage to finish a layout, you can enter your name in a high score table.

Quadrel is an excellent puzzle game that you can play either against the computer or against a human opponent. It's a game that you won't really have any trouble learning, but it will be extremely hard to beat!

The goal of the game is very simple!

You have four pots with aquarelle colors in them and you need to empty them. Beside each pot you'll see the number of drops you have in them. To empty them, you need to paint the shapes on the main screen (each shape uses one drop - regardless of its size). Naturally there is a catch to it! No touching shapes may be of the same color. So if the computer paints a shape yellow, you can't color the shape next to it yellow (but if only corners of the shapes and not the sides are touching, than it's OK).

You will also notice, that you won't have the same number of drops of each color and the opponent will have different number of drops as well, so a little hint, get rid of the color you got the most the fastest, otherwise all the available shapes might get filled up.

The game can end either with you winning, loosing or a stalemate. The game is over when the time runs out, or when one or none of the players can place another drop. So in order to win, you must make sure the computer will not be able to place another drop into another shape (which is far easier said then done). For that you will need to make different combination of different colors.

The game features 3 graphical modes (I suggest you use VGA graphics) and it's in either French or English. It is fully mouse operated, so controls shouldn't be a problem. In order to start playing, press on the top part of the screen (and a pull down menu will appear).

Enjoy the game and make sure, your brains don't have a meltdown from too much playtime of this brainteaser!

Probably Loriciel' most obscure release, Quadrel is an interesting puzzle game with a different twist. Played either against the computer or another human player, the game looks quite simple: you have to paint on the screen spaces of different shapes. The difficulty consists in the fact that each player has a limited number of colors at his or her disposal, and that two shapes touching one another cannot be of the same color.

Aside from living up to Loriciels' reputation for producing unique games, Quadrel is also a neat way to apply a well-known mathematical theorem called "theorem of four colors" that claims you can fill a map of any size with only four colors without having two adjacent area with the same color. The game lets you choose between three different types of game with three different possible levels each (they modify the number of colors you have at the beginning of a game). You can play against the watch and be in the scoring board, or play without limited time. No matter the level of your expertise, Quadrel is an innovative and fun brainteaser that should give every puzzle lover plenty of enjoyable challenge.

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