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Take a Break! Crosswords is a collection of puzzles licensed from Dell. Volume I represents the 375 crossword puzzles from Dell Magazines, where you have to put the word, which is an answer for the certain question, in vertical or horizontal line of table. These words have common letters because of crossing and it allows to remember the word by available letters in already resolved words.

There are 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) and 4 sizes of puzzles (13x13, 15x15, 17x17, 19x19) as well as 3 skills of players (Apprentice, Puzzler, Fanatic).

The interactivity of the game is achieved by the choosing the word; autochecking the answered word; selecting hints, scoring taking into account the difficulty level, size of puzzle, time of solving, hint using, correct answers, and player's skill; opening, saving and restoring the puzzles. The little beautiful elf Wanda is watching as you progress, comments your actions, and congratulates you with animations starring herself.

This includes Volume 2 which adds another 375 puzzles.

Part of Sierra's avalanche of "budget" games in the early 1990s, Take a Break! Crossword 1 and 2 actually delivers more "bang for the buck" than most other budget titles. It features dozens of puzzles from Dell magazine, complete scoring system with built-in hints, and excellent Windows interface (clues are highlighted with corresponding block, and right-clicking change the orientation). Great games by all account.

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