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Ancients 2: Approaching Evil is the sequel to Ancients 1: Deathwatch with a new story not directly connected to its predecessor. A new evil has arisen from ancient catacombs and the player's task is to find 4 seals to contain it in these catacombs.

The party is created from 4 classes (warrior, rogue, priest mage) and 3 races (human, elf, dwarf) and head straight into the dungeon.

The same disappointing sequel to the first game. Ancients 2 is pretty much the same as first game with a lot of fighting and some talking and quest completing (just to break the monotony). Still 4 characters and a lot of monsters to be killed.

Repeating its twin - Ancients 1, The Deathwatch, the game brings little new by itself, merely a lure for those who could not get enough out of the original shareware. For those of you who love to follow a story, this game has no major quest, just smaller ones. Reminding Might and Magic series, this one, just as first one can be recommended only out of nostalgic reasons or for die-hard d"d fans (like me).

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