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Azalta is a decent freeware RPG game with full color graphics, music and sound effects. According to the official blurb, "... it has huge worlds with hundreds of creatures, people, and items to discover, and large cities and deadly dungeons toexplore. Your characters can travel back and forth between an infiniteamount of different worlds, carrying any items etc with them. Even create your own games with the easy-to-use "Azalta Creator"! Each adventure cancontain up to 256 original creature types, 256 item types, and much more. Thirty different character classes to choose from, nine character races, and 67 different magic spells to learn (most of which can be cast at various levels of power). Includes the adventure "The Cult of the Raven". Players of the Ultima series of role-playing games will especially enjoy Azalta, butit is also simple enough for complete beginners to play." I find the "The Cult of the Raven" to be too simplistic for my taste, but any non-programmer looking to create top-down RPGs in the style of Ultima may want to take a look at this freeware old game.


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