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Inspired by Raymond E. Feist's successful Riftwar saga, Betrayal at Krondor features an original story that takes place in the land of Midkemia. The game is an interactive fantasy played in nine chapter segments with specific goals in each, which when attained, move the story along. Play within levels is nonlinear and includes actions ranging from exploration to treasure hunting to character development and battle. Standard role-playing aspects include character ratings in health, stamina, strength, and speed and skill development through a logical system of experience rewards. Spell casting, inventory management, combat strategy and a large cast of fascinating people and strange creatures are integral parts of Betrayal at Krondor. The game utilizes a simple point-and-click interface and covers a vast game world with a plot weaving throughout the nine chapters. Multiple game utility options allow you to customize the game to reflect your own preferences.

Based on Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar saga (and co-written with Feist himself) is Betrayal At Krondor, a new tale in the Riftwar universe.

The story begins as Gorath, a moredhel (dark elf) renegade, who intended to warn the people of Krondor of the upcoming moredhel invasion, is attacked by an assassin. Locklear, a nobleman who serves the crown of Krondor, and a young magician named Owyn decide to accompany Gorath to Krondor, where they'll have to think of a plan to stop the moredhel leader Delekhan.

Exploration in a 3D world and turn-based combat complement the story, which is divided up into nine chapters. Each chapter has a goal to achieve before moving on to the next chapter, but how that goal is met is up to you.

Betrayal at Krondor is a fantasy adventure/role-playing game that takes place in the Midkemia world of the books by Raymond E. Feist. In fact, Feist was the leading director in the creation of the game. It came out with an amazing story, which will pull you deeper and deeper into the game as you progress.

When you start, you will see that Gorath, the elf-like Moredhel, and one of the leading persons in the game's story have been attacked by an assassin. Accompanied by Owyn (young scholar magician) and Locklear (noble warrior escorting Gorath), you will have to journey to the royal city of Krondor.

On your way you have to fight with the assassins who are constantly trying to kill you, and you meet different kinds of people, either on the roads or in the houses at the villages or towns. You can also explore the large world of the game. In the first chapter, there's no real need to go too far off the main goal - but you do have the freedom to go almost anywhere you want to.

There are many side-quests available, many of which continue from chapter to chapter. Often they can be solved only in the following chapters.

The abilities of the characters are not very impressive at the beginning, but as the game progresses, they become better with every action you perform. For example, successful hits or defensive actions in the battle will increase melee accuracy, crossbow accuracy, defense ability, strength and health points. Successfully picking locks will increase the lockpick ability, but even an unsuccessful attempt will increase it, albeit more slowly.

As the game continues, the story becomes larger and deeper with every chapter. It involves many aspects of the original books, such as the dreaded Valheru, the evil dragon riders who can be compared to the Atlanteans, the thieves' guild and the Upright Man who is the guild's leader. You'll even have the famous Jimmy the Hand, called James, joining you in some chapters. Which brings me to the next point of the game - you won't always be having the same party members along the way. They come and go as the story directs them to other tasks. However, you can meet them again in later chapters, still carrying all their equipment.

The combat system is fairly easy to understand, but it involves strategy at times. You can, for example, cast a spell that blinds the dangerous opponent's mage and attack the warriors in the meantime, while summoning creatures that will aid you in the next battle round.

The music in the game is really good, fitting the situations perfectly. Even the sounds are nicely done, although there aren't that many of them.

The weakest point of the game is the outdoor graphics, which look a little primitive and not very detailed. But that doesn't matter much, as the rest of the game is quite fun, so you'll quickly get used to them and even think they're quite good after a while.

All in all, this game really deserves its evaluation as the "Best Fantasy Role-Playing & Adventure Game of 1993" so be sure to try it out!

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (334 MB).


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