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Don't go alone is probably the only RPG ever released by Accolade and it's a horror RPG at that. You can select a group for four people from a list of sixteen and each has their own strenghts and weakness. The group goes to investigate the mansion on top of the hill which is reported to be haunted and it is the place where the grandfather of one your group has disappeared as well. There are ten levels to cover with lots of different monsters roaming around and occasionally a puzzle as well so it will take all your strength to defeat the ancient one controlling the place.

The one and only RPG from Accolade is a refreshing game set in modern-day haunted house. Control a party of four intrepid adventurers as they battle over 100 spooks in a muti-level maze. Innovatice touches include making alchemical formulae (the equivalent of spellcasting in this game), which is done with actual periodic table, and a good variety of ghosts. Overall, an above-average RPG that is not a classic, but does what it does well.

Granddad retired in a nice old villa - only downpoint of the cheap nice house: it's spooky. Your Grandfather seems to be held prison by a demon in the upper levels of the old house. A team of four parapsychologists sets out to rescue him. Nice, but easy RPG - with a little humor in it. Good story - well done, easy to handle, but no challenge for a real RPG-Player. Anyway - always good as an RPG for breakfast.

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