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Set in the same world as Magic Candle, and using a modified engine from said game.

This is a single player rpg more aimed at a novice. Your job is to clear out all the monsters infesting the cellars, dungeons and dark corners of Maramon.

This is a really old and great RPG game, and one of the few I actually like. I use to play it on the C64, but it was frustrating as I had to wait for something to load and was continuing swopping over floppies.

But now here's the same game for the PC!

This is actually one of the few PC games which has graphics as good as the C64 version. The sound is nothing to cheer for and just consists of squeaks and blips.

You can chose your character at the beginning of the game. You can be either a huntsman, blacksmith, courier or a scholar. Each has slightly different abilities and all come in handy at some point. You start in the town of Maramon where you are the local sheriff, you might say. Your job is to protect the town from the monsters that come out at night. You can go to different locations (like the town hall, library, herbalist, weapon maker, armor maker, inn, stronghold), but I suggest you go and equip yourself first - so buy some weapons and armor. Both cost money, but you'll get paid on a regular basis for providing your services. Also, and conveniently, monsters will leave little money pouches behind.

But where do all these 'generous' monsters come from? They come from the very towers that are in the city! Each night the monsters stream from one tower to cause mayhem in the town. Here's a tip: they always attack the same target on the same day. It's your job to stop and kill them before they kill you - or anyone else.

But why are these towers there?

Well, that's a part of the mystery really, so I'm not telling you. But if you go to the library, you'll discover the history of the towers and how to get inside. Also, you can learn stuff at the library, such as how to upgrade your weapons, how to get enough rest, and how to eliminate those monsters to keep your town safe. Once you're ready you can counterstrike by going into the dungeons under the town as well.

To control your character use the num keys (you can walk diagonally as well), and to hit use the spacebar. You can get the special menu only buildings if you want to change what you're holding in your hand, or rest, or save; so remember, only the strongholds remain open during the night.

Because of the poor sound and lack of challenging combat, I'll only give the game a 4. However, the fantastic plot you're unravelling makes up for lack of variety in combat.

This game is best described as the "light" version of far better-known Magic Candle series. Mindcraft seems to be targeting the RPG newbies with simplified RPG engine and statistics-- instead of 4 characters, now you control only one. Combat and spellcasting are also not terribly exciting. Still, like Origin's Tangled Tales, it's a commendable (and underappreciated) effort to expand the RPG market.

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