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For a game released in 1992, The Four Crystals of Trazere contained a couple of innovative role-playing aspects that gave it a somewhat unique look at the time. Neither makes it a great game but at a time when RPG's were starting to dot the computer landscape in earnest, the slight variations were a welcome addition to the genre. An automapping feature that worked inside dungeons was introduced and more importantly the game provided a magic system that was user friendly with a different method of mixing and creating spells. The use of an ingredient based system rather than the accumulation of magic points promoted the idea that computer role-playing games could be diverse in design and not slaves to a pre-determined game-making formula. Beyond these aspects, The Four Crystals of Trazere is a fairly predictable role-playing adventure with a familiar look. A limited character generation feature allows you to create a party of four heroes but without the freedom to choose multiple character classes. In fact, there are only four classes and you're forced to have one character from each, although you do have the option to choose the sex of your characters and name them. Berzerkers (warriors), Troubadours (warrior/musician who boosts character skills and abilities with magical melodies during battle), Assassins (basic sneak attack artists with the ability to become invisible) and Runemasters (spell casters who mix ingredients and reagents while invoking the power of runes) can be created with variable attributes (skills) that include defense and attack factors, strength, intelligence, speed, dexterity, luck and stamina (resistance to magic attacks).

The interface in The Four Crystals of Trazere is an easy to use point and click affair where you move your party through the various cities and locations in an isometric 3-D perspective. Other features include a simple icon-based combat system, individual or group movement capability and ability modifiers like the four elements (earth, fire, air, water) that increase or decrease attributes. The plot is standard role-playing fare: four adventurers must search and explore the game world for items (in this case four crystals) and save the land from destruction (in this case reverse the effects of a deadly enchantment). Somewhat primitive looking when compared to late 1990's standards, The Four Crystals of Trazere nevertheless contains pleasing, colorful artwork that creates a definite aura commensurate with the middle ages and enchanted land that forms a basis for the story.

Graphics: Colorful and creative. Various screens have unique aspects (like the magic creation screen) and the artwork defines and enhances the mood and atmosphere of the game.

Sound: Decent sound effects and a limited musical score that doesn't distract or detract from the game.

Enjoyment: The game is actually fun to play and the ease and unique aspect of a complex magic mixing system are positive additions. Fully developed world to explore and interesting characters to meet with a good complement of puzzles to solve.

Replay Value: Not enough variation in character selection process to assure replay value.

The Four Crystals of Trazere is an epic fantasy adventure through the land of Trazere. Armies of mutants are marauding through the land and it's up to the heroes to scour the cities, dungeons, and wilderness looking for clues to the source of the evil.

The party moves from location to location on a strategic map avoiding (or ambushing) enemy patrols and armies while trying to find the clues and items they need in isometric dungeons and cities. The game also features an intricate magic system that lets players design and customize spells.

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